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Connected Baltics

Kushtrim Xhakli, CEO
Workland Hobujaama, Tallinn

“At WorkLand we love sharing resources with other professional companies that are inside the building…”

Janeck Uibo, founder of
Workland Vabaduse, Tallinn

“Working here allows me to bring greater business thinking and positive routines into one’s activities.”


Maxim Donchenko, CEO

“The first thing we considered when choosing our office space was the location…”

Estonian Golf & Country Club

Hanno Kross, CEO

“I do not have to worry about anything! It’s all here, starting from furniture up to cleaning…”

Law Office Premium

Kaarel Kais, partner and attorney-at-law

“Cooperation with WorkLand has been extremely pleasant – all problems are quickly resolved…”

Baltic-American Freedom Foundation

Eeva Kauba

“WorkLand charms one with its location; also, the atmosphere here supports professional work…”

Law Office Glimstedt

Leho Pihkva, partner

“A good location and representation are essential for us…”

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